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These pages are mainly geared towards Ex-Lancashire UK people living around the world..  We love to hear from Lancashire people at home and abroad.  So if you were born between the River Mersey in the south to Hawkshead in the North, from Blackpool in the East to Bacup in the west, you are as welcome as the flowers in May.  If in doubt click our Map Page to the left then feel free to browse the Ex-Lancs pages.  You can go direct to our new Ex Lancs Discussion board where you can read our many postings about anything and everything.  Feel free to make as many free postings as you wish. The only requirement is your first name. No fees, pops ups or con tricks on our pages.
My name is Mike Grogan. I am second generation Irish, born 1941 and I hail from Bacup in Lancashire in England.  I am married to Terry (nee Mauer) born 1957 from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. We met when Terry was stationed with the United States Army at Burtonwood, Lancashire in the UK in 1988.  Today we live in the Amish countryside on the borders of Ephrata and Clay in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  
So take your coat off, pull your chair up to the desk, pour yourself a cuppa tea and enjoy yourself. 


My personal Links 

My wife and soul mate Terry spot.gif (882 bytes)     
Our Golden retriever Winchester tells his story to the kids. (Since passed on to doggy heaven and sadly missed). spot.gif (882 bytes)  
   My own personal OTHER page of my life up to leaving school in 1956. spot.gif (882 bytes)

My best friend Alice who was born in Scotland, raised in Yorkshire and now lives in Atlanta Georgia, USA. spot.gif (882 bytes)
Family friend Sean Laffey. Editor of Irish music magazine'Based in Ireland. spot.gif (882 bytes)
My nephew Steve in formally of Helsby, Cheshire. England spot.gif (882 bytes) Now residing in SW Canada..
My Pen Pal in Thailand
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My mate Ken in Lititz PA spot.gif (882 bytes)
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